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A Hindu celebration, Deepavali also known as the Festival of Lights comes alive in late October or early November to celebrate the Goddess of Wealth and Fortune – Goddess Lakshmi’s triumph of good over all evil.  The festival includes Hindu homes lighting lamps and lights to commemorate the beginning of the Hindu financial year.


The Hindu Festival Deepavali – 22 October 2014

The Hindu festival of lights, Deepavali is celebration of the triumph of good over evil and a time when prayers are offered to goddess Lakshmi for the renewal of health, wealth and prosperity. The festival with its origins in India is marked by illumination and the making of figurines of crystal sugar known as Misiri which are distributed as delicious sweets. Hindus celebrate this event by taking an oil bath and wearing new clothes in addition to going to the temple to make obeisance to their gods. It is also a time of visiting friends and family, carrying the blessings and spirit of the festival. Burning fire crackers too is a significant element of this festival which is open for the participation of all.


Surfing in Arugambay – 31 October 2014

The resplendent waters surrounding the moon-shaped curl of soft golden sand in the eastern shores of Sri Lanka are known to be one of the best ‘point brakes’ in the world. Experience and ride through the majestic waves of the ocean as they break in an exhilarating rush. Surfing is best in Arugam Bay during the season of April to October each year. During this time is conducted the UK Pro-Surfing Association’s Sri Lanka Surf  Championships, an event open to all and where the entire place becomes a hub of activity as the best surfers across the seas comes together to participate in the thrilling event in one of the finest surfing hotspots in the world.

April – October Is the Best Season For Surfing In Arugambay


Bird Watching

Annaiwilundawa, meaning ‘seven wetlands or tanks’ in the local Tamil language, refers to a cluster of freshwater tanks within the sanctuary. This is a very important wetland for many resident and migratory birds. The best time to visit Annaiwilundawa is during the months from October to April when numerous species of birds can be spotted. These wetlands are also important nesting sites for water birds such as the Asian Open-bills, Painted Storks, all specie of Egrets, Little Indian & the endangered Great Cormorants, Spot-billed Pelican and Black-headed Ibis. This wetland sanctuary is also excellent for butterfly and dragonfly watching.

Bird watching in Sri Lanka