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It all started with Kiran’s annual plans for her family holiday.  And this time to spend time in Sri Lanka.  Being a perfectionist where perfection is good enough, and a frequent traveler, reliability and integrity was high on her list of who should arrange her family vocation in 2008.  The 15 days allocated for the holiday needed to be perfect, without a hitch as this was valuable, much needed time to reflect, regroup, relax and rejuvenate for another upcoming year.  It was amidst of her search with many travel agencies for her quest for reliability and efficiency that she stumbled on a travel company based in Colombo Sri Lanka.


It was not so much the agent but the coordinator of her itinerary that impressed her the most. Nishan, who has been in this trade for a decade, provided prompt, reliable and effective service that was far superior to others.  Within 24 hours he had a programme sent to Kiran, with arrangements that included airport transfers, bookings, tours and sightseeing.  She was impressed! With Kiran’s list of requirements at the peak of season and high occupancy in the hotels, Nishan was able to deliver on every aspect.   Little did she realise that she and her husband Anil will develop a close bond with Sri Lanka.


On one of her quick visits to Sri Lanka and the love of its people nurtured, Kiran’s desire to make a proposition to Nishan.  “We can do it better, we have proved it, let’s open it to the world”! Today the friendship has become a partnership to form a Travel Company by the name of Sunny Ceylon Travels.  Kiran’s husband is an IT specialist and having connections to Sri Lankan conglomerate who is also a successful business entrepreneur and experienced traveler, and being one of the youngest CEOs in Asia, setting a goal and reaching it was a synch.  Kiran, Anil and Nishan inspired to develop the concept of Sunny Ceylon Travels and committed to be the best in the world.


We are proud to be a Sri Lankan and Malaysian partnership with a meaningful vision. We believe in excellence and commitment to introduce visitors to sunny Sri Lankan hospitality in paradise. We do this with Dedication, Commitment and Professionalism.


We want our clients and customers to feel easy, comfortable and worry free and strive to provide quick service with a thousand smiles..