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Dolphin Watching

With the beginning of the season, the North West coastal town of Kalpitiya is a must for Whale and Dolphin spotting. Sightings of huge pods of upto two thousand Spinner Dolphins have been reported during the season. These Dolphins often swim along side the boats and frolic in the seas – a thrilling site for children and adults alike. Alankuda Beach, a popular eco-resort, is well equipped with safety vests and boats to take guests out to sea.

Dolphin in Kalpitiya

World Spice Festival

Another highlight of November would be the annual World Spice Festival, which beckons culinary artistes to the pearl of the Indian Ocean to exhibit their gastronomic skills to their worlds. Chefs from countries like Africa, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia as well as visitors from across the world arrive in Colombo to taste the flavours of the world.

Spice Festival